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Living with Anxiety

Anxiety can come and go throughout a person's life. At times it can seem to have disappeared, while others it may feel as though it is all encompassing. There are several symptoms of anxiety including:

- memory issues

- overthinking

- avoidance

- sweating

- stomach issues

- panic attacks

- needing reassurance

- lack of patience

- trouble concentrating

- procrastination

- constant worrying

- trouble breathing

- headaches

- rapid heartbeat

- insomnia

If you identify with having multiple symptoms from above it may mean that you are experiencing anxiety.

Strategies to successfully live with Anxiety:

1. Talk about it - don't suffer is silence. Identify a friend, family member or counsellor to speak with.

2. Rationalize - anxiety makes you believe in the worst case scenario constantly - don't believe it.

3. Routine is important - create a schedule that feeds your needs.

4. Schedule things - don't put off stressful things indefinitely - make a plan.

5. Mindful and mindless activities - do things that lessen anxiety - not increase it.

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