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Goal Setting for Beginners

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Setting Goals - a step by step plan

Goal setting can be an effective way to build motivation and feel accomplished. Goals should always be realistic and specific, especially when starting out.

1. Make a list of 1-5 current priorities in your life

Example: To be physically and/or mentally healthier, Spend more time with family, Budget

2. Pick a statement that you will tell yourself when you feel like giving up that will help keep you on track

Example: I am able and willing and my goals are my priorities

Example: I will continue to put my needs first so that I can better support others

3. Make a list of 1-5 goals that support your priorities and below each goal identify 2-3 action steps that you will take each day/week/month to achieve this goal

4. Lastly, set a deadline for each goal to help stay motivated

Goal setting can be an amazing strategy to use when feeling low and are experiencing a lack of motivation.

Always remember to set goals that are realistic and specific. For example instead of setting a goal as "Be Happy" change that to "Getting Outside Everyday" or any activity that brings you joy.

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