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Family Matters Counselling: Journaling

There’s a type of journaling that will compliment and inspire each of us. I use a few different types of journals: one to take notes in, one to schedule my life, and one for travel documenting. Do I write in each one every day? No, not even close, but they are there and I love them.

The original thinking that a journal can only document your every day life has shifted. A journal is a safe place, its purpose being to provide an outlet. Taking time to reflect is a caring gesture to yourself.

10 Journal Prompts

1. What are you looking forward to

2. Your goals (project, business, home life)

3. Express your anxieties

4. Self portrait - with or without describing words

5. Who or what inspires you

6. A joyful memory from your childhood

7. A love letter to yourself

8. Favorite quote(s)

9. List of your favourite songs/bands

10. Reflect on your day using bullet points

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end. — Ernest Hemingway

There Are No Rules

There is no perfect way to journal. Some days writing may take up many pages while other days may just be a word. If you have the gift of drawing or painting, allow your journal to be an artistic compilation of sketches. There are so many different ways to express your emotions on paper … so explore them all!

Find A Journal You Like To Look At

It sounds silly, but a journal that’s aesthetically pleasing will tend to get more use. Go to a stationary store or little boutique and find a journal that’s most like you, one that you would want to sit on your nightstand or carry around in your purse. Look into what kind of paper it has — do you want lines or no lines, spiral or bound? There are so many options, have fun with it!

Use It When You Want

Does the fear of committing to a journal keep you from starting? Why? Whether it’s every day, once a week, or once a month… it’s your choice. Your journal is your own to write in as you please. No commitment specifics are necessary.

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