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Registered Social Worker #11647

Child & Family Counsellor in Vernon, BC
specializing in:



Attachment Disorders

Emotional Regulation

Suicidal Ideation  

Mood Disorders

Parenting Needs       


I actively work with Children, Youth and Adults

Specializing in a client centred and strengths-based approach, I can support you and/or your family with the issues listed above.

My goal is to build a relationship with you, providing a high level of support and focus on strengths and skill development to enable you to handle any current and future challenges.




During each session you can expect:

·To Feel Supported
·To Be Heard
·To Gain Self Awareness
·To Take Home Strategies
·To Set Realistic and Attainable Goals

Some of the specific topics that I will focus on include:
·Positive Relationship Building
·Goal Setting
·Emotional Regulation

My counselling sessions will support you in gaining a new understanding about your concerns and acquire new ways of coping with and solving those problems. 

I practice from a place of compassion, non-judgement, curiosity, and respect, and strive to facilitate your innate capacity for positive growth and development. I truly believe that the relationship between therapist and client is the primary healing factor for individuals experiencing developmental, internal, and interpersonal challenges.

I look forward to meeting with you and supporting you through your individual and unique journey.



I am trained and experienced in working with Children and Youth. This is especially helpful when engaging the younger members of families. I often use expressive techniques, play therapy, and attachment theory when counselling this population.

I will offer expertise to you as a  parent who is concerned about the best way to support your child/youth and develop strategies to manage behavioural issues by working directly with your child/youth to help them understand the challenges they face and to learn new ways to confront and conquer them.



My goal in Family Counselling is to discover the unique challenges and strengths of your Family System and then use that knowledge to build a more positive home environment for your family. There are many ways to accomplish this and I am open to discovering what works best for your specific family. In some cases, the entire family will be present for all or most counselling sessions. In other cases, there will be different groups of people present for each meeting. I will discuss the options with you and negotiate the best way to work with your family that meets everyones needs.

My objective when working with you as a couple and individual is to support each of you in learning new ways to understand and talk about the issues that seem to divide your relationship. I will teach you both basic communication skills and support both individuals in finding better ways to talk about the issues that are important to you. I will also help you understand a little bit about how the brain functions when we are engaged in conversations that really matter to us and why it sometimes feels as though it is simply impossible to formulate a logical coherent thought or sentence when we are talking to our partners.


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