Whole Healing Nutrition

Alanna Grant, NNCP

Alanna is a holistic nutritionist with a passion for educating and empowering individuals to take

control of their health and create long-term, sustainable change. Her philosophy is centered in the belief that proper nutrition and lifestyle are essential in achieving true health and

happiness. She works with clients to determine their health goals, interpret their symptoms, and design individualized diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations based on each person’s unique needs.


Whether you’re in need of some health motivation and basic nutritional guidance, interested in

disease prevention and health maintenance, or searching for assistance with management of chronic conditions, Alanna will provide you with the knowledge and support you need to help

you achieve your goals.


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Core Connections


Amy Hamilton, MAC, CCC

Amy is a Certified Canadian Counsellor with a Master of Counselling degree. Those who know her well describe her as adventurous, passionate, expressive, creative, and open-minded (as well as having a serious silly side). Having had her own challenges with depression, anxiety, and chronic illness she now aspires to help others through similar challenges.

Her ultimate goal is to leave each individual with an increased understanding of themselves and confidence that they can live their best life possible regardless of their past, present, and future circumstances. She aims to inspire confidence, clarity, and strength.

Her specialties include (but are not limited to):





Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain

Anger Management

Emotional Regulation

Amy works with toddlers, children, youth, and adults.

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